The Mixstress Workshop | Body Spray

The Mixstress Workshop | Body Spray

Ever come across a body scrub or a lotion when you’re out shopping and think ‘I can totally do that myself!’? You probably can. Each week, I’ll be giving you recipes enough to rival the likes of L’Oreal and other big companies out there. The ingredients will be simple stuff that you can find in your kitchen and beauty stores so you won’t need any goggles or a lab coat!

This week, I’ll be starting off with a simple body spray. Many of the body sprays on the market contain alcohol which is not only considered to be haram by some people, but also quite harsh on the skin. You should treat your skin like the most expensive and valuable material. If you were wearing a cashmere scarf, you’d be careful not to spill anything on it, right?  The ingredients in this spray are very beneficial and kind to your skin. Rose water is the main ingredient; it’s an ideal toner for the body as it works very well on both oily and dry skin and won’t dry out the skin like the alcohol in most of your body sprays.

The essential oils can easily be found in health shops, if you’re from the UK, you can get them from Holland & Barrett.


Spray bottle


1 cup of rose water

3 drops of rose essential oil

3 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

3 drops of jasmine essential oil

And that’s it! You’ll not only smell sweet, but your body spray is free from alcohol and other harsh, nasty ingredients!