Product of the Month | L’Occitane Creme De Douche Ultra Rich Shower Cream

I bought this shower cream the day before going on holiday when looking for a present to buy for my aunty that I’d be staying with. I bought her the L’Occitane Nourish & Protect Shea Butter Body Care Set which included a hand cream, foot cream, lip balm and a body lotion all containing the wonderful Shea Butter. Now, Shea Butter is one of the best butters out there! It’s extremely rich in Vitamins A, E and F, soothes dry and cracked skin, won’t clog the pores which is a big plus for those with oily skin and acne (more details here), helps to fade scars and retains moisture in both the hair and body. It’s very versatile and can be used as a lip balm, pomade to smooth your baby hairs and flyaways, a deep moisturiser for your feet and an after-sun cream. I’ve got loads of raw, unrefined Shea Butter so I wouldn’t usually buy products containing it but seeing as I had a very strict deadline to find a present and get myself into a plane on time, I thought that I might as well buy my aunt something containing Shea Butter than to make something containing it.

When I chose my aunt’s present, I came across the shower cream that just called out to me. The shower cream also contains Shea Butter. The percentage which is 5% isn’t a lot to me but surprisingly, it still does the job. It comes in a really classy looking bottle and the consistency is very smooth and goes onto the skin very easily. The smell isn’t strong unlike some shower creams and gels which is a good thing for me as I find that using heavily perfumed products irritates my skin. It has a very clean and fresh smell to it. If you like lather and bubbles, this product is not right for you. I always assume that if products have a big lather to it then it contains far too much soap therefore the fact that it doesn’t lather too much is fantastic. Moreover, it’s a shower cream therefore it’s more moisturising than a shower gel so to have a high content of soap in a shower cream seems pretty self-defeating.

I would most certainly without a doubt recommend this to everyone; it leaves my skin silky smooth and literally feels like luxury. It probably feels like luxury though due to the price which is £13 if you’re in the UK. That would be a downside to the product as well as it containing only 5% Shea Butter however, in comparison to other soaps and shower gels, this is hands down the best one I have used due to the insane moisturising capabilities it has!

You can buy it on the L’Occitane website or any luxury department near you!