Leaving the Summer | Holding Onto Summer

Leaving the Summer | Holding Onto Summer

Just because summer’s going, don’t mean you need to abandon your whole summer make-up! There’s some really gorgeous looks going on now so still rock them out!

Bright Eyes:

This is such a pretty look in an unconventional way. This look works best when the rest of your make-up is simple and toned down but, if you’re daring enough, wear a clashing lip colour. If you do, then make sure your outfit is simple otherwise you’ll look too busy! If this look is a bit too bright for you, try wetting an eyeliner brush then swiping a bright colour like MAC’s Winkle eyeshadow on either your top or bottom lash line.

Bronze Skin:

Now I do not care if bronzed skin and winter don’t go together! Bronzed skin is so luxury and walking around with bronzed skin in the middle of November just screams out ‘I’ve just come back from the Caribbean’. NARS in my opinion is the best for bronzer; their 3 shades Laguna, Casino and Irresistiblement suit all skin shades . Top the bronze off with a flattering lip colour like Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme in Sunlit Bronze.


Bright, glossed lips are associated with summer but no way is this going away just yet. It adds a touch of girliness to an outfit whereas lipstick is a bit too serious at times. I’m loving L’Oreal’s Glam Shine Fresh right now. Colours ranging from lemon to even curacao blue, the colours are sooo summery! Don’t be intimidated by the colours, they come out clear but with just a pop of colour.

Summer Nails:

Bright nails are always nice but, don’t go too bright as it may look out of place. Barry M for me is the brand that provides amazing nail colours at a great price so it’s worth checking Barry M out. Shades like Tangerine, Cyan Blue, Block Orange, Lemon Ice Cream and Peach Melba won’t have you forgetting about summer just yet!

Carefree Hair:

It’s nice to get your hair done but, when it’s too hot, who can be bothered to put in hours of maintenance and styling? Summer is the epitome of carefree hair. Just wash, put gel, serum, mousse, whatever in and leave it! It’s incredibly girly, pretty and refreshing to see than to see everyone with bone straight hair. Frizz Ease Hair Serum by John Freida leaves your hair frizz-free when you just work it into damp hair and leave it to dry.