Leaving the Summer | Winter Lips

Leaving the Summer | Winter Lips

Despite the bitter weather, something to like about winter coming in is the make-up! I’m all for wearing whatever make-up you want during any season but I love  a bronzed face against the backdrop of the gloomy weather! But, I love going along with the season and the deep make-up shades and colours during winter are so much better than the hues sported during the summer. Give me plums, purples, reds and browns any day!

There’s no doubt that the lips are the star of the show during winter. A matte face, simple eyes with a sweep of black liner on the top lid, loads of mascara and a bold lip is all you need. What I do love though is smudged eyeliner and a deep purple lip colour. That’s something I’ll definitely be doing when it gets colder! I wouldn’t recommend making the eyes all busy with bold lip colours as you may end up looking like a monster! There are some people that can get away with it but, most of us mortals barely do so we best leave it to them!

Before you even start to apply your lipstick, make sure your lips are in tip-top condition by making sure your lips are moisturized and free from flaky bits. If they’re flaky, just mix your lip balm with some baking soda then scrub the flakes off your lips. After, use a lip primer like MAC Prep + Prime or a hydrating lip balm. The lipstick will apply better and last longer.


When you see the word purple, don’t assume I’m talking about your typical purple. Think deep, dark purples. It’s only for the faint hearted but it’ll make you look sooo good! Both MAC’s Cyber and Smoked Purple are great shades that’ll bring out your skin. Cyber is darker and more intense than Smoked Purple so if you want something a little gentler, go with Smoked Purple. If you want to go intense, plums are the best to go with as it’ll give you a vampy look without making you look too drained out try Urban Decay Apocalypse. If you are faint hearted, lip glosses are like little baby steps but, they still work. NARS Revolt and Nana are great lip glosses that’ll give you shine and the purple intensity at the same time.


Red lips are no doubt a classic. It’s a hard look to carry off, so do this shade justice by making sure you’ve got the right shade. If you’ve got pale, fair skin, you can get away with coral shades (lucky you!). Revlon Super Lustrous in Fire and Ice is a pretty red that’ll have just a hint of colour. For medium skin, Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Rich Red is a colour that’ll work with golden tones and for darker skin, try Fire Down Below by NARS. Dark lipsticks are just amazing on practically any skintone and it’ll give you a really sexy, vampy look so you definitely should try Fire Down Below too. Three universal shades regardless of skin colour are DivaRuby Woo and Russian Red all by MAC. All three being mattes but Ruby Woo has a coral hint to it whereas Russian Red and Diva are bluish. Classic MAC shades but if you want a darker, intense colour, go for Russian Red.


You were expecting reds and purples but browns? Not quite so much. I’ve loved brown lip colour from as long as I can remember. It sounds very daunting but it turns out to be extremely elegant and ladylike. That’s depending on the shade you wear of course. Pick the wrong shade and you might just end up looking like you’ve been digging into a box of chocolates.The best brands to start with brown lipstick are Bobbi Brown (of course!), Revlon and Estee Lauder. Revlon Superlustrous in Choco-Licious and Chocolate Velvet is a great place to start; slightly sheer and velvety, these lip colours are gorgeous and Chocolate Velvet the only shade that I can say it can be paired with very smokey eyes. Rich Cocoa by Bobbi Brown is a universally flattering shade with a slight plum to it. Then, for olive to dark skin tones, Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour in Autumn is a subtle yet ‘there’ shade of brown. For a really dramatic brown, Film Noir from MAC is the one; described by MAC as an intense brown, it’s a brown that can be worn by all skin colours and will definitely add some pazzaz to an outfit.

What’s your favourite lip colour to wear during the winter?