Clean & Clear Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash

I started getting spots when I was around 15 and immediately after my first few spots, myself and my mum searched for something to get rid of my spots. We came across Clean & Clear’s Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash which I have both a good and bad opinion of. It claims to clean ‘deep down to the pores as you wash’ which will in turn, prevent acne. Back then, I was optimistic to try this wash but, nowadays, I barely trust any drugstore acne treatment. If you want treatment, your best best is to go to a doctor.

Anyways, for the first few washes it worked but afterwards, I broke out and it didn’t help my acne whatsoever. However, I did continue to use it and it did help my acne after a while but, I was using a topical acne cream at the time so maybe that played a role in the cleansers performance. I hadn’t touched the cleanser in years but, on my holiday in Egypt last month, I broke out and wanted to get a mask that’ll help. Stupidly, I picked this wash forgetting that it was a cleanser and not a mask. Once I got home, I was just annoyed to be reunited with this cleanser. I decided to give it go again and it was just weird. The thing with this cleanser is that it gives you the impression that it’s working as it leaves your face all tingly buuuuttt it really isn’t! The next day, my face felt like a tingly, sensitive old mess and I was scared that I would break out. After that, I vowed I wouldn’t try it again.

This cleanser is by no means a way to treat acne. At all. I do feel that it leaves my face very clean but, so every cleanser should do so and if you have clean skin, it doesn’t necessarily get rid of your acne. This only backs up my advice to leave it to the professionals. I wouldn’t recommend this cleanser simply because I feel that it’s quite misleading.

So ladies, have you tried this cleanser? Your thoughts on it? Remember to enter Muslimah Beauty’s Eid 2011 Competition for a chance to win prizes!