Adele in Vogue

Adele in Vogue


I’ve alwaaayss loved Adele! Her music is amazing, she can SING and she absolutely stunning. It’s refreshing to see someone who’s so different to very skinny models that Vogue typically use, she’s always dressing so modestly unlike other artists and plus, she’s a Londoner so obviously I’m going to like her!

Adele’s make-up for this shoot has me wanting to do my eyes like that too. Her eye make-up is always on point (check some of the photos below). In London, the girls usually play up their eyes with liquid eyeliner so it’s pretty acceptable to see a girl walk around everyday with dramatic winged eyeliner but, Adele’s eye make-up is taken up a notch. I need to meet her make-up artist!

As I’m ill, I really can’t be bothered to go through how Adele’s make-up is done but, it looks like she’s wearing a taupe eye-shadow blended with a brown. Then with the lined eyes, it doesn’t really look as though Adele’s wearing liquid eyeliner, rather, black eye-shadow may be used with an eyeliner pencil. I could be wrong though. If I am, I’m assuming that there’s liquid eyeliner but, eye-shadow is definitely used to give off this fading/smudged look. With the lower lash, a little smudged kohl and brown eye-shadow to create the same faded/smudged look.



What do you think of Adele’s make-up? Isn’t she a beauty?

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