Keep Your Nails On Point Without Ruining Your Wudhu

I’m one big nail polish hoarder and if I wasn’t in Saudi, I’d take a photo of my collection and show you all just how much I have! I love having my nails painted and done up but, realistically I can’t have them done up all the time if I want to pray. The polish blocks me from having proper wudhu so if anything, nail varnish is just a burden for me apart from when it’s the time of the month. There’s a joke between me and a few friends that the minute we can’t pray, sisters run for the nail polish!

I’ve heard of some sisters who pray their daily 5 and even more, yet have their nails perfected. I’ve been baffled at seeing some women praying with their nails done whilst they’re praying buuutt, my friend clarified all of this for me. Some women will remove the polish when they’re making their wudhu then when they’re done, they reapply. It’s a good way of working around it but, all that nail polish remover surely isn’t good for your nails. They can weaken and chip. I wouldn’t mind trying it though so watch this space.

There aren’t many alternatives if I’m honest. The most typical one I know is Henna. I love Henna on my hands and arms but, I hate how it looks on my nails though. There are some brands that sell coloured Henna just for the nails so let me have a good look for them and I’ll let you all know!

Another alternative are polishing blocks. I’ve used polishing blocks for as long as I can remember. My mum who looks after her hands and nails much more than I do introduced them to me. The polishing blocks give you the well kept, well groomed and polished look without ruining your wudhu which I love. It’s like you’ve put on a top coat on your nails! Although I don’t like Henna on my nails, there’s nothing like putting it on your nails then using the polishing block to give you both colour and shine.

The one I use is from The Body Shop which has 4 steps to it:


 2. Remove Ridges

 4. Shine Nail

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