On My Quest for the Perfect Concealer

On My Quest for the Perfect Concealer

Where do I even start? I’m frustrated and confused as to what on earth I’m doing. I’ve been on a mission to find a great concealer but, it seems like my search is leading me nowhere!

I bought MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer in NW45 when I went to their counter in Selfridges not too long ago. The make-up artist there was a lovely lady; the concealer she applied on my face looked amazing when I looked in the mirror afterwards so I just immediately snapped it up and bought it…. BIG MISTAKE! After this mistake, I recommend all of you ladies to never buy something when it looks good in such artificial lighting. The lighting at the MAC counter is extremely bright and flatters your face but, it isn’t natural therefore you’ll look very different when you’re actually in natural light. Get out and go where there’s proper light. That way you’ll know whether the product suits you.

Anyways, it turns out that the concealer was tooooo dark for my skin in natural light and I lost my receipt so I couldn’t return it. Just great. I’ve tried to make this concealer work but it just isn’t right. One minute it covers superbly, the next, it leaves me looking like a caked up girl from Essex! I’ve noticed this happens when I use the 213 brush from MAC but, when I use my fingers, it’s pretty amazing. Goes to show that your fingers can be the best make-up applicator at times.

I’m going to go back to MAC and check out another shade because I did like how it covered some dark spots but, I doubt I’ll use it under my eyes. It just looked far too weird. I’m growing a bit weary of MAC anyway. Their undertones of their foundations and concealers are either too yellow, red or orange and can come off as looking unnatural. There’s plenty of other make-up brands that sell amazing concealers! I’ve heard good things about Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit and the Afrobella recommended I try Dermablend for scars and make-up artist Megan Shea recommends Make Up Forever so I’ll definitely be checking those out and letting you know.

Have you tried MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer? Have you found your perfect concealer? If you have PLEASE let a desperate girl know!

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