Product of the Month | L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

Product of the Month | L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

Oweeee, this mascara should be product of the year! Scratch that, the mascara of my life! This mascara is seriously worth my hype. I’ve been using Telescopic for 3 years now and I never use products that long if I don’t like them so, Telescopic is definitely the shizz!

A friend of mine gave me hers one day when I ran to her house frantic about what to wear for a day out with some friends and it literally transformed my lashes! I’ve never had my eyelashes so long from a mascara alone and I’m telling you ladies, this mascara made my lashes so long that I had trouble blinking and they almost reached my eyebrows. It looked like I had falsies on, I’m telling ya!

Many of you Muslimah Beauties don’t wear false lashes so, if you don’t then I really recommend Telescopic to you because you won’t even want false lashes!

10/10 for sure!