The Beauty Business | Rose Brown - Founder of Pure Halal Beauty

The Beauty Business | Rose Brown – Founder of Pure Halal Beauty

I had the opportunity to interview Rose Brown, the 20 year old young woman behind Pure Halal Beauty. Pure Halal Beauty is a brand whose product range includes skincare, bath and body products and make-up dedicated solely to Halal Certified and Vegan Registered beauty products which is great considering that there is a lack of such products. I’ve come across Halal skincare and beauty products in mainly Muslim countries and it’s nice we can get involved in all the fun!

I’ve got my hands on a few of their products which I’ve been using for a while and my review will be coming soon!

1. What’s Pure Halal Beauty all about? What’s your philosophy? Pure Halal Beauty is a vibrant, pioneering new brand with a very unique concept – we are completely dedicated to offering ethical, natural, Halal Certified beauty products!

Our philosophy is that you don’t have to compromise your beliefs when buying our beauty products, because Pure Halal Beauty is where Beauty and Belief Co-Exist!

2. What motivated you to start Pure Halal Beauty?  I’m a vegetarian and I was having trouble finding products that were free from animal fats. There’s a lot of mis-information and confusion about ingredients used in Beauty products. It’s not always clear to tell the precise nature of certain ingredients, or where they come from. Glycerine is a good example- it can be vegetable derived but many cosmetics companies use animal-derived glycerine because it costs less. The labels just state ‘glycerin’ and so we, the consumers, can’t know where it’s derived from and this is a big problem in my eyes.

So, I came across halal products online and started to look into what halal certification involved.  I found out that Halal beauty products avoid the use of any animal-derived ingredients so there’s no chance of cross contamination with Haram animals, such as pigs. They’re also never tested on animals either as it’s deemed unnecessary and unethical. The Halal products seemed a great alternative to products available on the high-street because you have that guarantee that your moisturiser or lipstick hasn’t got animal ingredients or fats in. But then when I started trying to find Halal makeup and skincare I quickly found out that it was pretty much unheard of in the UK. I thought that was crazy when there’s so many benefits to Halal products. So, that inspired me to begin Pure Halal Beauty.

3. How important was it that you would provide halal, organic and eco friendly products? Did you feel that there was a lack of these products beforehand?

Even though Halal certification reassures that there’s no Alcohol or Animal ingredients in there, the products can still contain a lot of unwanted chemicals. Originally I was importing the best Halal Certified ranges from around the world, but they still contained chemicals and synthetic ingredients and I had to do a lot of research into the ingredients to understand this. I quickly knew that I wanted to offer people something that was compltely pure- made with natural ingredients and without the use of alcohol or chemicals- and something that’s completely transparent. This is why every product in the PHB Collection carries The PHB Promise. This is a guarantee that the ingredients used in our range are always natural and organic, halal certified, vegan society registered/suitable for vegetarians, and paraben free.

4. Why should we buy Pure Halal Beauty products?
Because our products will enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up or damage it. Our products are made with only the purest and most effective plant-bioactives and botanical extracts that are truly good for your skin. They’re Halal Certified to offer peace of mind to our Muslim sisters, and they’re Vegan Society Registered for Vegans and Vegetarians. Using Pure Halal Beauty products allows you to shop for your skincare and makeup in peace-of-mind that your choosing only the purest products with the most effective ingredients.

5. What’s your favourite product out of the range?
This is a really difficult question because I’ve poured so much time and energy into each product, making sure the formulations are perfect and the labels are just right, each product is like my baby! To name just a few. . .The whole Awaken & Revive is fabulous and really boosts and brightens the skin. It’s got a high dose of skin boosting ingredients and really helps to make my skin look glowing and healthy.  My sisters love the Soothe & Balance range as they sometimes suffer from spots and this range is great for soothing and reducing redness and stopping the scarring. PHB Mineral Miracles foundation is the most incredible foundation I’ve ever used, ever. (I know, I know, I’m biased- but it is!)  It gives that real flawless, airbrushed look and doesn’t feel like your wearing anything or clog up skin like some make up does. I used to hate foundation because it looks so obvious normally but this stuff is incredible, it makes your skin look naturally beautiful. We also do some lovely body products, fabulous hair care and products for babies and men too!

6. I love how you’ve got students from Birmingham City College involved; how exactly are they involved in Pure Halal Beauty? Well I’m lucky enough to have visited the college many times, providing talks to the students about the dubious ingredients found in many cosmetics products, and how our products are different. I was also asked to judge at their end of term fashion show, which was incredible. The amount of talent those young ladies showed was amazing and I felt truly fortunate to see all their incredible work! Somebody from the college then approached me and told me about their apprenticeship scheme. I really loved the idea of being able to offer somebody young the opportunity to gain vital work experience whilst training for their qualifications. I was at Uni myself a year ago so I know how difficult it is for young people to find work. So it’s something we signed up for straight away, and this October we took on our first apprentice who works in our Birmingham store where she gaining vital work experience and learning skills that are invaluable within Beauty and Retail. We hope to take on many more apprentices as the business continues to grow.

7. Your products are halal certified; how have you ensured that Pure Halal Beauty products are halal? All of our products are Halal Certified to guarantee they are free from haram alcohol, animal ingredients and animal testing. In addition the majority of our products are registered with the Vegan Society UK to reinforce their animal free status. Obviously we start from the begining, making sure our formulations are free from Haram ingredients. We then had to choose the right manufacturers to work with, ensuring that no haram ingredients are present/used throughout the manufacturing facility or process. The Halal Board itself then does rigorous checks to ensure that all ingredients and the process in which the products are made are free from animal testing, animal ingredients and haram alcohol. Our halal board has been established for over 30 years and is a well respected authority on halal certification.

8. You’re clearly an inspiration for young women, starting your own business is admirable! What advice do you have for young women who are looking to start businesses of their own or to fulfill their dreams? You have to be very single minded in pursuing your dreams. Setting clear goals and targets is useful as well as being highly organized and hard working. Making lots of ‘To do’ lists is also pretty important as is chocolate for when times are a bit tough!! A writer once said that “most things can be achieved with determination and persistence” and I agree with this to a large extent. Having said that, we all need a bit of luck at times, and of course good supportive friends and family!

9.What are Pure Halal Beauty’s plans for the future? Branch out internationally maybe? We have so many plans and so much interest from so many people it’s difficult to know where to start sometimes. We certainly envisage spreading out across the UK and further, we now have a franchise and wholesale department to deal with the sheer number of enquiries we are getting! We have had interest from several International areas and there may be some exciting news for next year, but I can’t really say too much at the moment… So, very exciting times ahead and I’m just so happy to be part of such a unique and developing concept!!

Pure Halal Beauty has a store at Level 2, The Pavillions Shopping Centre in Birmingham otherwise, you can all check their website here.