I was approached by MADRA Skincare, a brand based in Latvia to try their a lip gloss of theirs, in a shade which is called Sunkissed. Me being the lip gloss fiend I am, obviously I wanted to try it!

A bit about madara:

  • Certified natural, organic and eco friendly.
  • Strongly against animal testing.
  • Their packaging is recyclable.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan!
  • You can find them in Wholefoods, and on their own website.

When I first saw the packaging, I looked at the ingredients and boy… the ingredients took me by surprise! The ingredients list is completely full of natural ingredients such as Baltic Rosehip, Macadamia Seed Oil, Castor Oil and Beeswax. I’ve never come across such a natural lip gloss so I was pretty excited to try it out and see whether I could see any difference between this lip gloss and the other ones that I’ve used in the past. When I tried it, I did spot a difference in its consistency and texture. This lip gloss glides and applys very well but, it becomes like a lipbalm once it’s on your lips. My lips felt quite moisturised whereas I don’t have many lip glosses that do the same. That’s partly because the lip gloss consists of waxes and oils. My preference in lip glosses is something that isn’t gloopy and sticky but, something that still is a little ‘lip glossy’, if you get my drift? This lip gloss didn’t do that.

The colour of the lip gloss is gorgeous, it’s described to ‘give light tone and warm gloss to your lips. Lightly softens. Enchants and seduces. Like a drop of honey in the sun.’ 10/10 for poetry! This lip gloss definitely reminds me of honey; it’s almost like a darkened honey colour with sparkle which is perfect for wearing it daily. I’ve also found that it’s quite nice to wear when I’m playing up my eye make-up a bit and I can’t really wear a bold lip so Sunkissed balances everything out perfectly.


Definitely the ingredients! You seriously can’t get more natural than this lip gloss.

The colour is very much something I’d use!


After a while of not using this, oil comes to the surface so when you want to use it, you squeeze out oil instead of lip gloss. I’d recommend you shake it

This lip gloss was sent to me for PR & review purposes but my honest opinion has been expressed in this review.