Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask | My Weekly Love

Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask | My Weekly Love

I went to a fellow Somali hairdresser today to get my hair did! She gave me a trim, steam condition and straightened it. I seriously feel like a queen right now. The conditioning treatment she used was from Osmo; it’s a brand that I’m beginning to love because it’s really helped repair my damaged hair. With all the colouring I put my hair through last year, it’s surprising how regular deep treatments have helped. At least once a week will help but I’ll double the repair with a treatment twice weekly.

If I see a hair mask, I’ll usually buy it. This time though, my mum bought it which was kind for my bank balance. We have totally different hair textures so I was interested in how it’d work on me. I’ll leave this in for about 30 minutes in the shower then wash it out and style as usual. When I’ve rinsed out the conditioner, let’s just say that my hair is like brand new. The moisture is crazy!

There’s shea butter, ylang ylang, jojoba and patchouli that together help to tame frizz, add shine, moisturises and smooths the cuticle. My sister commented on the shine which is good for me! Plus, I love anything with shea butter; the moisturising ability of shea butter is madness.

If you want to boost its moisture power, I’d recommend you cover your hair with a shower cap then, cover the shower cap with a towel. The warmth will help the mask penetrate the shaft even better. If you’ve got a hair steamer or a hot cap, even better!


The moisture that comes from this mask is ridiculous, making it perfect for curly hair.

When you’ve got the mask in, it’s quite easy to detangle. Detangling can be quite a task but it’s a doddle with the mask on.

£4.30 for 250ml is a bargain in my eyes!


It’s very heavy and thick. I like a thick conditioner however, this one is just a bit too thick for my liking therefore it takes longer to wash out than other conditioners. Also, it has this sickly sweet smell to it.