Dipping My Toes Into the Bright Lip Coloured World

Dipping My Toes Into the Bright Lip Coloured World

One of my beauty resolutions was to embrace the bright lip and embrace it is what I’ve done! I got the Morange lipstick that Labella Iman challenged me to buy, and I’ll be honest that it wasn’t love at first site. Give me deep, dark lip colours any day but orange is definitely not a colour that I would have picked had I not been challenged to try it.

But today I ate my hat as I wore it with just mascara and blusher. Very simple make-up with the exception of the bright orange. I like that Morange’s intensity can be built up therefore, you can wear a tiny bit of it or if you like, go totally Tango. I wasn’t quite ready to go totally Tango so I opted for a subtle look and I’ll say that I loved it.

Now that I’ve worn a bright orange lipstick, I guess I can wear anything. I do wear pink lip colours but nothing bright. Dark, deep pinks are for me, not your Barbie doll or neon pink but I guess that Morange has paved the way for all things bright lips. I find myself looking at brighter lip colours whereas before, my eyes would run towards aubergines, purples, maroons and scarlet’s.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d want the lip colour this lady in the photo above is wearing!

Do you ladies have any bright coloured lipsticks/glosses that you’d recommend me?