Kim K In Haute Muse

Kim K In Haute Muse

I’ve had people wondering what lip colour Kim Kardashian wore in her fabulous shoot for Haute Muse:

What lipstick is Kim Kardashian wearing in her shoot with Haute Muse? I’ve been looking for a shade like hers but I’m finding it hard.

Kim K isn’t really my favourite celebrity. I’m not a huge fan of her or her clan but, I’m in absolute love with her make-up. She barely ever goes wrong with her make-up choices so my hat goes off to her make-up artist.

When I saw Haute Muse in my newsagent, let’s just say I was a bit shocked at how different Kim looked. Usually, she’s a smokey eye and nude lip kinda girl and she’s quite seductive looking, so seeing her with a simple eye with what appear to be gold eyeshadow, peachy cheeks to give her razor sharp cheekbones and that red lip was a shock to me. She looks extremely elegant here whereas she’s quite used to this whole bombshell, vixen thing.

I really like the way her lips have been lined here; they’re wider and I love the exaggerated cupid’s bow. Now, in terms of the colour, I adore it. The slight hint of blue to the lipstick is spot on for her olive skin tone and I also believe it’d suit darker women too. Obviously I can’t pin down what lipstick Kim’s wearing however, the closest lip shade I can think of is Cheryl Cole’s limited edition lipstick for L’Oreal, Red Passion. It’s quite a creamy lipstick just like the one on Kim and it’s got that ruby-ish look to it.

Seeing as it is a limited edition shade and it won’t be around for much longer, a shade that’s here to stay is Illamasqua’s Box which is described to be ‘deep scarlet red’. It is a matte shade however, so you could create Kim’s look by dabbing a lip balm like Blistex’s Daily Lip Conditioner. I wouldn’t recommend a lip gloss because her lips don’t look glossy at all, rather, the lipstick looks creamy.

UPDATE: After tweeting this post, Kim’s make-up artist Joyce Bonelli tweeted me that she used Ruby Woo!

What do you think of Kim’s make-up in this shoot ladies?