Make-Up - The Confidence Changer

Make-Up – The Confidence Changer

I made the decision yesterday to not wear a single drop of make-up today. I did it and wow, I’ll say that it was quite weird. First of all, I barely had any sleep so I looked a lot worse than I usually would so it made it incredibly hard for me to not wear make-up, on my way to university on the train I was so tempted to just buy myself mascara and attempt to look alive. I couldn’t take it anymore so I used some powder to make things better. It made a slight difference in evening my complexion but nothing else. My eyes still looked a mess and I looked like I’d slept about 4 hours (I slept just over that though).

When I got to university, I saw a few friends in my lecture and they never noticed that I wasn’t wearing make-up until I told them.

Friend: ‘Hey Hafsa, how are you?’

Me: ‘I’m sooooo tired and I’m not wearing any make-up!’

I have a habit of pointing out my flaws or anything bad to people when they don’t even notice it. All that was obvious was a lack of mascara and that’s it really (my sister begs to differ though, she said it didn’t make me look any better today). That’s when I started thinking about whether this is all in my head instead, rather than thinking that people would look at me and think I was diseased looking and ugly.

Make-up has a heavy influence on someone’s confidence. It can turn someone from a wallflower to the life of the party and that’s what I learned about myself today. I was quite restricted in my interactions with people, I was just thinking about not wearing make-up so much instead whereas when I do wear make-up, I’m without a care in the world!

As much as I love make-up, I do feel that it can act as a crutch to some people, which is the total opposite to make-ups purpose. I see make-up as a way to highlight, accentuate and create art not to mask someone’s lack of confidence. It’s amazing how someone feels about their face once they’ve washed it all off, myself included. Therefore, I really want to get to the bottom of this and challenge peoples views towards make-up. Instead of wearing it because of a lack of confidence, I want women to wear it in a form of self-love, looking after ones self and looking fabulous because once it’s off, you should feel the same about yourself not to see your natural self lower to when you’ve got a bit of blusher and an even complexion.

One piece of advice I can give to you from my experience is to question why you wear make-up. Wearing make-up isn’t a bad thing however, there’s a problem when you feel like you can’t be seen without it on because you’re essentially afraid to let people to see your actual face and that’s a problem which needs addressing and confronting. I’m sure we can all learn to love our natural selves without make-up!

How do you see make-up? Why do you wear it? Would you consider not wearing make-up one day?