Bobbi Brown Neons & Nudes Lip Gloss in Citrus

Bobbi Brown Neons & Nudes Lip Gloss in Citrus

I love anything that’s limited edition, especially when it’s from Bobbi Brown. All of the collections are just amazing, especially the Marrakesh Chic collection from last year which has been my favourite to date. Considering my love for all things Bobbi Brown, I was excited to check out their new Neons & Nudes collection for Spring 2012 and after declaring my interest in trying out bright colours, I jumped at the chance to get this lip gloss.

I never really buy make-up online unless I’ve already used it or that I know that it’s worth it, and it’s a very new collection in the UK (I think it just launched a week ago or something) so I didn’t think I’d really find it around. I’ll just say that next time I won’t be making any online purchase without actually trying it out beforehand.

The lip gloss looks perfect in the tube; a bright orangey colour which does look sheer but not as much as I imagined it to. I expressed my annoyance on Twitter at just how sheer the lip gloss is. If I swatch it, it does come out orange but on the lips it’s actually see through. I’m not lying. See through. Yeah, a total waste of money. If I think about it though, I was thinking of getting another one of these straight after I ordered Citrus and I’m happy I never otherwise I’d be twice as annoyed.

However, the lipsticks in the collection look great though. I’ve been eyeing up Atomic Orange which is a deep orange with a red tone to it. I’m just eyeing it up though, I doubt I’ll buy it after the lip gloss dilemma.

It’s priced at £17 and buying a lip gloss that comes out clear at this price is not worth it. Never, ever buy anything without trying it for yourself ladies!