Shop M.A.C  Cook M.A.C Collection Cremeblend Blushes

Shop M.A.C Cook M.A.C Collection Cremeblend Blushes

M.A.C are forever releasing new collections and I can’t seem to catch up with them at times but this time I’ve managed to check out M.A.C’s new Shop M.A.C  Cook M.A.C collection. This collection is absolutely huge, I saw a tonne of lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows.. the whole shebang! But I managed to get my hands on the blushers instead although I do want the nail polishes too.

In the collection are three Cremeblend blushes named Optimistic Orange which is a bright orange yet slightly muted, Restores Dazzle a gorgeous deep berry plum shade and Florida a bright fuchsia. They’re each very pigmented blushers so a light hand is recommended. I used my finger to apply the blusher and it’s worked well but if you think you’ll have problems with applying it well with the fingers, use a stipling brush.

In left to right order:


Ever since I tried NARS’ Taj Mahal, I’ve loved orange blushers as they have the ability to look like I’ve been holidaying in the sun for two weeks but there’s something fake about Optimistic Orange. As funny as it sounds, despite orange blusher not being my natural colour when I blush, Taj Mahal looks very natural on my skin however Optimistic Orange is more playful and it’s supposed to look like make-up unlike Taj Mahal. But that being said, it looked like a bright peachy tone on my sister therefore making it a lot more natural on her.


Talking of blushers looking fake, Florida is definitely fake. It’s an incredibly bright shade that I’d never really wear as I’m not a fan of pink blushers this bright. Regardless of its shade or who it’d suit, it’ll only ever look nice when applied very lightly.


My favourite blusher out of the threesome is this. I’d buy this over and over again. It’s the exact shade of blusher I’d buy! I just love the plum/berry shade and I’d use this as a lip colour too and it slightly reminds me of a combination of Sleek Pout Polish in Perfect Plum and an Illamasqua lipstick I can’t remember the name of.

What I love about the blushes is their creamy texture that’s perfect for blending and creating a higher intensity, so if you want the blush to be sheer or very intense you can do which isn’t very possible with powder blushes. They also stayed for hours, roughly 3 hours which I’ve never seen happen with other cream blushes. Overall, they’re great blushes, however I’m not too keen on all of the shades except Restores Dazzle, you ladies need to get it!