Homemade vs Store Bought | The Scrub Lowdown

Homemade vs Store Bought | The Scrub Lowdown

I’ve tried ’em all, whether it’s been me Mixstress-ing them up in my workshop or buying them from the supermarket or the department store counters, I’ve gone through tubs and tubs of body scrubs and I’ll be giving you the low down on scrubs and whether they’re buying if you can make your own at home:


Take me shopping and I won’t be so fussed but take me to Boots, Selfridges, Superdrug or wherever you can find anything bath & body related then you’ll have problems getting me away from the scrubs shelf. Scrubs containing sugar, salt, pumice, ground nut shell or any other exfoliant; it doesn’t matter because I will get it.

The thing about store bought scrubs is the variety you get with them. You’ve got cream based scrubs, salt, sugary, dry and gel based which each have their own effect and texture depending on what you want. In the winter, I love sugary, oil based scrubs for that extra moisture but buttery, creamy salt scrubs are my true love as they have a grip to them and provide friction and you get a better exfoliation. Body scrub queen Annabella Skinscrubs once went into so much depth into scrubs with me that since then, I’m always analysing scrubs.

If you like to indulge yourself with bath treats, store bought scrubs are really the best as you’ll get yourself  a tonne of variety.

My recommended scrubs are Soap & Glory’s Flake Away, Molton Brown Celestial Maracuja Sugar PolishSanctuary Salt Scrub, Hawaa’s Honey & Madagascan Vanilla Cream Sugar Polish, SPC Detoxifying Ginger Scrub and Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Hot Salt Scrub.


Despite my bathroom being stacked with scrubs, I still make my own whether it’s something simple like sugar and olive oil or a more complex, buttery scrub. My mother has a lot to do with my love for all things body scrubs. She’ll mix up a scrub every now and then and I learned a lot from her.

Comparing store bought scrubs to ones made at home, unless you know about preservatives and which ones to use, homemade scrubs will never last as long as one you got from the store therefore I’d recommend storing a homemade scrub for no longer than three days to prevent bacterial growth. Also, unless you know how to make more than oily scrubs, your homemade scrubs will be limited so store bought scrubs would be so much more exciting.

Store bought scrubs these days are getting incredibly expensive and a bit of olive oil and sugar or salt is as cheap as chips so who’d blame you for making a scrub at home? Homemade scrubs needn’t lack in variety though, a few recipes I’d recommend are Awakening Ginger & Brown Sugar ScrubAyan’s Beautiful Sugar and Coconut Oil Scrub and Coffee Scrub.

Choosing between homemade and store bought scrubs is a really tricky choice so I’m not even going to bother racking my head over choosing..

Which do you prefer, homemade or store bought body scrubs?