Sleek Blush By 3 Palettes

Sleek Makeup just released their limited edition blush palettes. There’s 5 and each of them have a colour range like pinks, browns and reds. Put Sleek and blush together and I’m there! I love their blushes to death, you get top quality blushes for a very cheap price so what’s not to love?

I went to Superdrug to see that there were only two palettes left, Flame and Sugar. I intended to get Flame before I went but not Sugar, however seeing as there were only two palettes left I tried it out and came to like it. I really wanted Pink Spirit so I’ll be going back for it soon.

I gave up on taking swatches because my camera didn’t capture the shades as well as I’d hoped. Apparently this has been the case with a few others but there’s some great ones here.



I just love them!