Sleek Blush By 3 Palettes

Sleek Makeup just released their limited edition blush palettes. There’s 5 and each of them have a colour range like pinks, browns and reds. Put Sleek and blush together and I’m there! I love their blushes to death, you get top quality blushes for a very cheap price so what’s not to love?

I went to Superdrug to see that there were only two palettes left, Flame and Sugar. I intended to get Flame before I went but not Sugar, however seeing as there were only two palettes left I tried it out and came to like it. I really wanted Pink Spirit so I’ll be going back for it soon.

I gave up on taking swatches because my camera didn’t capture the shades as well as I’d hoped. Apparently this has been the case with a few others but there’s some great ones here.



I just love them!

  • Shameca

    Will they be available for purchase online or are they exclusive to Superdrug?

    • Kiran

      they’ve said they’ll be available for general release later in the year.

      • Shameca

        I can’t wait I want all of them and they are overpriced on ebay.

        • Hafsa Issa-Salwe

          Ebay is crazy when it comes to a newly released product, just wait a little and I’m sure you’ll get it and you’ll love them!

  • Sam

    I need to buy this!

    • Hafsa Issa-Salwe

      Sam you need to! They’re so beautiful just to look at..

  • Clara Lopez

    Aaah i actually really like the blushers, i saw them on the sleek website but i hardly see it in superdrugs. Ive been looking for these everywhere. They dont even have it online. lol My fav colours are the yellow colour in “Pumpkin” and “Pink Sprint”. Where did you buy yours from?

    • Hafsa Issa-Salwe

      Clara it’s sooo hard to get hold of, looks like everyone wants them and I think they should’ve had them on the internet. I wanted to get the Pumpkin too especially for the bright orange shade but I’ve already got NARS’ Taj Mahal which is similar but then again it is shimmery compared to this orange shade in the palette which is matte.

      I got mine from the Superdrug in Camden Town!

      • Clara Lopez

        Yh i know, I’ve got the sleek caribbean blush aruba. I love it. its an extremely luminous orange colour lol and my cousins thought it was too bright, but because am dark-skinned it looks really good. But i managed to find the the sleek Blusher by 3 and i love it.

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  • Maria

    These look lovely!
    I will be keeping an eye out :)

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