BLEND collective

I went to the launch of  BLEND collective, a natural bodycare brand using aromatherapy and 99% natural ingredients this morning to check out their new products.

I walked into the room where the launch was being held and it smelt divine I went straight to my phone to tweet about it. I was told that it was the BLEND collective candles burning away that appealed to my nose buds!

We got to meet the founders of BLEND collective, Clive Walker and Pippa Bennett who talked us through the story behind BLEND collective. Clive, ex Marketing Director of Tisserand, an aromatherapy brand developed a genuine interest in natural beauty products and teamed up with Pippa to create BLEND collective. To help create the products, they enlisted the help of well known aromatherapists and perfumists Alec Lawless, Emma Nash and Glenda Taylor who’s in the Green Beauty Bible. Each created their own scents for their own ranges. Alec created Enlivening which is a blend of Sicilian lemon, May Chang, Myrtle and Lime, Emma’s Balancing blend with Star Jasmine, Geranium, Vetiver and Rose and Glenda’s Unwinding with Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Neroli. I love essential oils so it was great to see that there’s a brand using essential oils for both their therapeutic and aroma purposes. I love how you can create scents using different oils, I do that myself so I had a chat with Alec about it and we got to talking about our favourite scents, Egyptian markets and all things jasmine, oudh, sandalwood and bukhoor.

I had a lovely time getting to know about BLEND collective and I took away a few products to try and I’ll be telling you how they were on me once I try them out and get a good feel for them.