Boots' Extract Vanilla Body Butter

Boots’ Extract Vanilla Body Butter

Whilst I was waiting around for Numera in Oxford Street to come and meet me so we could go to the PixiGlow launch, I popped into Boots and noticed they had a 3 for 2 deal on bath and body products. Being the bath and body junkie I am, I obviously walked out with a bag of stuff as usual and even though I do end up regretting a few purchases, this is definitely one thing I don’t regret!

I love vanilla scented products, they just scream out luxury and indulgence so enveloping your skin in a vanilla body butter is the epitome of vanilla luxury for me! The body butter smells utterly divine but it apparently smells of vanilla yoghurt though doesn’t really appeal to my idea of luxury, it works. What doesn’t work though, is the texture. I found it to be quite jelly like and if you stick your finger in the butter and stick it back out, nothings comes with it so you’ll need to tuck into the tub and scoop it out. However, it does absorb really well into the skin and it kept my skin surprisingly moisturised. Like you all know, I’ll test how moisturising it is by seeing whether my legs are still moisturised the next day and this passed the test!

I love how the cocoa butter in the body butter which comes from the Dominican Republic is Fairtrade certified so by purchasing this butter, you’re allowing the farmers behind the cocoa butter to receive a fair wage. There’s a lot of inequality within the corporate world and companies make a killing when the farmers who slave away get virtually nothing so to see that Boots is supporting the farmers is admirable.