Get Like Tinkerbell With the PixiGLOW Fairy Face Palette!!

Get Like Tinkerbell With the PixiGLOW Fairy Face Palette!!

Pixi to me is a brand that brings the girliness back to make-up and by collaborating with Tinkerbell of Peter Pan to create the PixiGLOW, Pixi have really hit the nail on the head. The Fairy Face Palette is every girls dream!

Before I even set eyes on the palette, I didn’t think it’d suit me as many companies don’t bother to consider women of colour but I’m glad to say that it does and the best thing about the Fairy Face Palette is how versatile it is in suiting different skintones and shades. However, I really don’t think the blush would suit many people as it came out quite shimmery on my skin rather than being pink.


The shades are very pretty and shimmery but they’re quite natural and I was expecting something quite glittery and a heck of a lot pink but after playing around with the palette I can confirm it’s very Tinkerbellish (who cares if I just invented a word?). The one that stands out to me the most is the middle shade, a pink shade with a metallic gold tint to it and that’s definitely a Tinkerbellish type of shade.

At the PixiGLOW launch, one of the ladies at Pixi told me that the eyeshadows were baked which was totally new to me but after doing my research, I’ve come to find that baked eyeshadows are highly pigmented and when I first saw this, I laughed as the shadows weren’t that pigmented but after finishing what I was reading there was an explanation that baked shadows are best when applied wet and after trying it, the pigment is amazing.  I’ve also used Pixi’s Eye Bright Primer to bring out the colour which worked very well.


I love each and every one of the lip creams without a doubt. They’re creamy and sheer which is what I’d expect in this type of palette; anything heavier and I’d definitely not consider this to be a Tinkerbellish (I can’t believe that I’m still using this but ohhh well!). Tinkerbell doesn’t do heavy lip colours, she’s more of a sheer pink lipped kinda fairy!


As I noted before, the blush was shimmery than pink which is a shame but I’m used to blushes in palettes not coming out very well on my skin however, if you apply it slightly then it will somewhat look nice on darker skins.


Overall I really like this palette, it takes me back to being a young girl again. The palette itself is an experience; you’ve got the pretty, adorned palette with everything in one and that makes it a fantastic gift to a younger girl but if you want to channel the inner make-up curious girl that once was then get it for yourself!