Dior Addict Extreme Lipsticks in Black Tie & Paparazzi | My Weekly Loves

Dior Addict Extreme Lipsticks in Black Tie & Paparazzi | My Weekly Loves

So, I have two Weekly Loves but at least they’re the same product, but just in different shades! Dior’s latest offering, their Addict Extreme Lipsticks are exactly what I’d look for in a lipstick; moisturising, pigmented and there’s a wide range of shades (17 to be precise) going from almost beige/nude Incognito (depending on what your skin tone is..) to the deep and dramatic Black Tie.

Whenever I shop around for lipsticks, I’m instantly drawn to the shades that tend to be bold, deep and dark so Black Tie was an obvious choice for me because of its dark blackberry/raspberryish tone. The second is Paparazzi which is your light strawberry-type shade. It’s a very subtle pink which is perfect for everyday if that’s your thing.


There’s really no need to ensure your lips are moisturised before applying the Dior Addict Extreme lipstick.

The colour range is perfect, Dior has narrowed down a selection of shades down to a tee. Incognito is far too nude for me but, someone who’d prefer deeper shades definitely isn’t let down.

You can build up the intensity of the lipstick from slightly sheer to full on colour.

It has the prettiest scent; not entirely sure what the scent is but it’s a typical Dior scent.


The price – have you seen it? It’s £24; despite it being so expensive, it’s definitely worth it. Especially Black Tie!