Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, My Daily Essential!


Who doesn’t love Vaseline Petroleum Jelly? It’s that one products that everyone knows about. That one product that’s been in your bathroom from childhood up until now.

With the London Marathon taking place this weekend, I just had to bring in something beauty related into the marathon. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is not only my essential product but the runners use it for a variety of uses such as using it on their skin as a protective barrier against the wind and using on their feet to prevent blistering from all of that running.

For me, I use Vaseline’s Petroleum Jelly for a tonne of uses including:

  • Mixing it with peppermint oil and sugar for a plumping lip scrub
  • Slathering it all over my feet and covering them with socks for a super hydrating foot treatment
  • Applying it around my hairline and ears to prevent hair dye from getting there
  • Using it alongside olive oil to add a few notches to the moisture
  • Creating a gel bronzer (check out my post here on Lipglossiping)

A great tip is to heat it up a little by placing it on top of the radiator during your bath for a warm, luxurious end to your bath.

How do you use your Vaseline?