Goody Bag Competition Winners!

Goody Bag Competition Winners!

Ladies I’ve been so absent from Muslimah Beauty that it’s no longer weird for me to not write anything but I had to update you on the winners of the competition for those of you who entered. I’ve picked two random comments and they are as follows:


I generally really love a good night out with good food but i love a good chicken stew and well made fragrant rice. I tend to like North African flavours but love my somali dishes too with all the spice and flavour. For me spices made a dish. As a second choice its going to be vegitarian pasta. Any ways i could go on but i wont and have just tweeted so lets see if any goodies come my way.


My ideal meal will be…a pizza because it’s super easy and i loooove me some pizza, especially peperoni pizza, really hot sauce and melted cheese mmmmh, and bread stick with sésame i dig those. Ok, now that i’ve entered your great givaway (thanks by the way!:D)i’m going to find me some food(me hungry!LOL)xoxo

Thanks to all of you who entered, your entries were truly awesome and you got my imagination going and I’ll be trying out the foods you’ve recommended to me!

Congratulations ladies, I’ll be emailing you right now!