An Evening With Nazila Love Glamour Nails & Ghost the Musical!

An Evening With Nazila Love Glamour Nails & Ghost the Musical!

On the 18th May, Nazila Love Glamour collaborated with Ghost the Musical for a wonderful evening organised by Amazing PR where I was treated to a manicure with the Nazila Glitz* set and a drink at the American Airlines Bar at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. There were plenty of drinks on offer including the Godminster Aromatic Garden Cocktail but as I don’t drink, I sipped on a delicious non-alcoholic drink whilst getting my nails done.

I then watched Ghost the Musical which was by far one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen. The visuals, acting, singing and special effects were superb and I’d love to watch it again!

I tweeted a photo of the nails and I got a assortment of responses ranging from them being impractical, fierce, awesome, cool and too Lady Gaga-esque but I absolutely love them and so do a few celebrity fans including Amanda Holden who wore the Purple Butterfly set on the semi finals of Britains Got Talent. Nazila Love Glamour have a variety of nails such as their GB Rocks set to celebrate the London Olympics.

I was chatting with Nazila Malik, founder of Nazila Love Glamour and she pointed out how easy they are to pop off before prayer as they come with nail stickers. They may be easy to take off but after wearing them all day, I noticed how long they stayed on.

So many have asked where to get the nails from; check out their site here and all Muslimah Beauty readers are welcome to an exclusive 10% discount until the 24th May. Just enter NLG002 at the checkout to get your goodies at the reduced price!