The Mixstress Workshop | Honey and Olive Deep Treatment Butter

The Mixstress Workshop | Honey and Olive Deep Treatment Butter

I’ve been loving olive oil lately and it works absolute wonders on the hair but what about olive butter? Olive butter is a wonderful butter to use on the hair as it’s super moisturising which is perfect for hair that’s been damaged from heat. It’s great for curly hair too which is prone to dryness than any other hair type. Olive butter‘s moisturising as it is but add honey to the mix which is a humectant which means it draws in moisture to your hair.

To use this, I’d recommend slathering it all over dry hair and leaving it in for 30 minutes or longer. The deep treatment has the same consistency as a hair cream so it may feel weird in the beginning but it’ll work! Once you’re done leaving the treatment in your hair, just shampoo and do whatever else you usually do when washing your hair. Another way I use this is mixing it with my hair conditioner and just rising it out rather than washing it.


1/4 cup of olive butter

2 large tablespoons of honey


Using an electric whisk, mix together the olive butter and honey.

Once you’ve achieved a fluffy and well blended mixture, the mask is now ready to use.