The Mixstress Workshop | Face Mist Elixir

The Mixstress Workshop | Face Mist Elixir

Most people think face mists are pointless but they’re one of those products that I just can’t get by without. They brighten up my complexion, fix make-up disasters when I’ve applied too much, give me much needed moisture when I’m flying and help to achieve a dewy complexion but so many of the face mists in the market are just far too expensive when I know that I can mix up one for myself. I love the Caudalie Beauty Beauty Elixir but, alcohol is second in the ingredients list and I try my hardest to not use products with alcohol as I find them drying.

The full ingredients list in the Caudalie Beauty Elixir:

Water, alcohol, bitter orange flower water, glycerin, rosemary leaf oil, potassium alum, peppermint oil, orange flower oil, commiphora myrrha extract, styrax benzoin resin extract, balm mint leaf oil, rosa damascena flower oil, grape extract, citral, citronellol, farnesol, geraniol, limonene, linalool.

This face mist is inspired by the Caudalie Beauty Elxir but without the alcohol. The two main ingredients are rose water straight from Morocco which I get from Sheabutter Cottage, a great British brand and I get the orange water from Naturally Thinking which is another British brand where I get many of my supplies from.


A spritz bottle

1/2 a bottle of rose water

1/2 a bottle of orange water

2 drops of peppermint essential oil

3 drops of sweet orange essential oil

3 drops of lavender essential oil


Pour both the rose water and orange water into the spritz bottle.

Carefully add the drops of essential oil to the water.

To make sure the essential oils and water mix well, shake it. They may separate from time to time so do this again.