Win Some Seriously British Goodies!

Win Some Seriously British Goodies!


British Beauty Week is almost over which is such a shame! Even though the end is near, I couldn’t end it without a surprise for you ladies.

I’ve got a great prize for two ladies. You’re in for the chance to win a surprise envelope filled with goodies worth £100 from just British beauty brands. Only the winner will know what the surprise is once she opens it up in the post but, trust me ladies it’ll be worth it!

There’ll also be a second prize which is a £20 discount from Groupon. Groupon have some amazing deals for beauty treatments including waxing, tanning and hair treatments so you’ll be in for a treat! Bear in mind that the Groupon prize is only open to Muslimah Beauties in the UK but, the hamper is open to absolutely everyone.

To win, you must have an Instagram account and follow me @muslimahbeautyblog. Also, take a photo of what you feel is British; it can be fish and chips, the telephone box, your identity as a British Muslim or even your local postman! Once you’ve taken the photo, you must hash tag it with #britishbeautyweek so I can find your entry easily.

The giveaway ends on the 5th June as us Brits have a long weekend because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so may the best Muslimah Beauty win!