Nazila Love Glamour

Is This The Beginning of a New Obsession?

Nazila Love Glamour

I have a limited palette of nails colours I’m willing to try. I tend to go for deep reds, raspberries, purples and browns and I also like oranges and deeper pinks however, from far I’d admire 3D nails, stilleto nails and elaborate nail shapes but after coming across the Nail Glitz from Nazila Love Glamour I’ve managed to not only come over the fear of venturing out of my comfort zone but I’m now trying to wear these nails with every chance I get!

Despite the current economic climate, more and more women are purchasing nail polishes, getting manicures and making a statement with their nails and I really think that Nazila Love Glamour is a British brand that’s going to stand out in the nail market.

Nazila Love Glamour is available in Dubai which is music to my ears as I’ll be staying there very soon and to know my favourite nails are close by is great!

I think the next set of nails I get my hands on will be the GB Rocks which fit in with the London Olympics and Diamond Jubilee.