Hale & Hearty Pancakes

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Hale & Hearty Pancakes

My diet lately has been rubbish (burgers, chicken nuggets, ice-cream, pizza and lots of sweets!) but I’ve been trying to cut wheat and gluten out of my diet to help clear my skin as my facialist suggested that I may suffer from an intolerance. At first, a wheat and gluten free diet sounded quite boring if I’m honest. I imagined celery, no bread and certainly none of my favourite junk foods but coming across Hale & Hearty, I’ve honestly been proven wrong!

For breakfast, I whipped up a batch of wheat and gluten free pancakes with the Hale & Hearty 4 Grain Pancake Mix. The mix includes rice, tapioca, quinoa and buckwheat flour and requires just one egg and a bit of milk to make your pancakes. I can’t say enough how delicious they are! They’re certainly no different to regular pancakes in terms of their taste.

I had them with mascarpone and fruit this time but, I’ve also been drizzling them with the Agave Syrup and Maple flavoured Agave Syrup which is pretty awesome. I’d never tried agave syrup before but I’ll definitely be trying it even more and I’ve been adding it to smoothies, porridge and yoghurt.

Hale & Hearty is a brand based on ‘feeling healthy and full of life’ and believe that food ‘should be delicious and wholesome’ which I very much agree with. Cutting out different foods can often be quite hard as you want to still eat the things you like so Hale & Hearty have a range of delicious goodies like caramel shortbread, pasta, flapjacks, pizza mix and crisps.

Say hello to clear skin and a healthy body without compromising on taste!

You can find Hale & Hearty in major supermarkets like Sainsburys, Tesco, Morissons and on Ocado.