Get Bronzed With INIKA

Get Bronzed With INIKA

I doubt many women, myself included know what goes into the make-up they’re putting on their face daily. But when you come across a natural cosmetics brand like INIKA Cosmetics, that’s when you realise the amount of junk you’ve been slapping onto your skin!

With the summer here, creating a bronzed look with your make-up is almost obligatory and these products from INIKA Cosmetics* will set you on your way to bronzed goodness!


INIKA Liquid Mineral FoundationThe first thing I noticed about the foundation is the amount of natural and organic ingredients in the foundation. The list is packed full of ingredients but a few include aloe vera, shea butter, green tea and chamomile extracts, argan, coconut, tamanu seed, coconut and lavender oils. Despite the amount of oils, the foundation is far from greasy or oily and just feels like a regular liquid foundation.

One issue with the foundation is the lack of shades available; Tan is the darkest foundation and is perfect for tanned and olive skin. It’s far too light for me, but it suits my sisters skintone which is a lot lighter than mine and she’s loved the foundation so far and it gives off a beautiful matte finish.


Mineral Eyeshadow Whisper

With the base done, now it’s time to move on to the eyes and Whisper is a beautiful golden shade with a hint of peach. The eyeshadow is quite pigmented and it’s easy to blend too. I’d recommend using this as an eyeliner for a minimal bronzed look but if you want to go all out and give the impression you’ve spent two weeks sunning it up on a beach in Dubai, blend all over the lids.


 INIKA Eyeliner

Make your eyes pop with a white eyeliner and this one with ingredients like almond oil is gentle on the eyes.


 INIKA Mineral Bronzer Sunloving

This is a wonderful golden bronzer when blended and the golden tone makes it a great bronzer  and highlighter to use in the right places to reflect light. Sweep the bronzer on collar bones, décolletage, cheek bones, across the nose and chin.