Operation Ingrown Hair Go!

Operation Ingrown Hair Go!


Ingrown hairs and bumps on the legs are a complete pain in the biscuit. For as long as I can remember, regardless of how I remove hair be it epilating or shaving, I always have the tiniest dots on my legs and I have no clue about how to get rid of them. I’ve just about exfoliated and scrubbed my legs away with the amount of people telling me to exfoliate and I’ve just about tried anything to get rid of them but, I’ve complained more than I’ve tried so I’ve decided to go militant on the issue and start a routine. I’ve been asking a lot of people, searching high and low on the Internet and testing a few products and have finally rounded things down to a few promising products.

In the shower, I’ll be using the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser on the concerned areas like the legs and arms using the electric brush that comes with the Facial Rejuvination Kit* which it’s very similar to the Clarisonic. The glycolic acid in the Jan Marini cleanser will allow the pores to loosen up because of its exfoliating properties and the brush will get a closer clean and exfoliation. I’ll follow with the GiGi No Bump Scrub*, a sugar based skin polisher made pre and post hair removal with honey, sandalwood and mango extracts, coconut, sunflower seed and sweet almond oils. It’s got a very fine texture so you can exfoliate the skin effectively without any sugar or salt falling between your fingers and it’s not greasy so you won’t be slipping in the shower ladies!

Once out of the shower, using a cotton pad I’ll be applying the Gigi No Bump Topical Solution* which is supposed to be used 3-4 days prior to hair removal. I’m hearing a lot of great things about the product and I’m not surprised because there’s some super powerful ingredients like salicylic acid. The saliclyic acid action doesn’t stop there though! The Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment which is a gel that not only contains salicylic acid but also has glycolic acid and phytic acid. It’s actually intended for men, but who cares?

I’ll be monitoring the difference over the weeks and I’ll be giving you a result of the routine in around two months or so. Let’s hope this works!