Muslimah Foodie | Mini Chicken Pies

Muslimah Foodie | Mini Chicken Pies

It’s officially Ramadan! I pray that your month is a blessed one :)

This Ramadan I’ll be trying my hardest to eat healthily but every now and then we’re entitled to the odd treat and these mini chicken pies are an indulgent treat that you’ll just love! I absolutely love to cook and even though my energy is at an all time low during Ramadan, I put out the more sophisticated recipes for iftar. If you’ve got family around, these mini chicken pies would be perfect rather than to make a large one and cut out slices as it’ll just create a mess. I’m not going to give you exact measurements of ingredients, I’m too lazy for that and I’m sure it all depends on how many pies you want, the utensils and what have you so just go with the flow and enjoy!

To start, I get started on making béchamel sauce and while that’s simmering away, I dice up chicken breast and cook it in a pan with a little olive oil, mushrooms, red onions, powdered chicken stock, garlic and onion powder. If you’d like to give the chicken a deeper flavour, it’s best to dice them up and let it sit and marinate in the onion powder, garlic and chicken stock for at least 3 hours. Once the chicken’s cooked, I just add the béchamel sauce and then move on to the pastry.

I can make my own pastry however, if you’re fasting it’s just best to buy your own as it can be quite a tedious task and I’m sure you’ll want to save as much time as possible with your cooking. I buy a ready made and rolled puff pastry, usually with butter as buttered pastry tastes so good! Depending on your muffin tray, cut out enough to cover each slot but enough to cover the mixture once you pour it into the tray. When you’re done, just whisk an egg and lightly cover the pastry or you can use milk. It’ll just crispen things up and give it a lovely brown colour.

Try them and tell me what you ladies think.  I serve them with a salad and the salad’s different each time; in the photo above, it was a grape and halloumi salad with spinach leaves and tomato. I’ll warn you and tell you that they are moreish so don’t go into pie overdrive!