My In-Flight Eye Treatment!

Hello ladies, I’m in Saudi Arabia right now! I arrived yesterday morning but it’s straight back to usual business for me as I spend time with my family.

I was travelling for ten hours (6 hour flight, 3 hour transit followed by another 1 hour flight!) and my thoughts went to my skin as it barely comes out looking decent on the other side. I always manage to leave destination A with what I could assume would be perfect skin (in comparison to during and post flight) and arrive at destination B with dry patches here, oily skin there and the occasional spot and one of the areas where my skin gets considerably dry is around the eyes. I’ve tried eye creams which seem to not do much so I thought I’d try the Talika Eye Therapy Patches which were just sitting in a box of products that I hadn’t got round to playing with yet.

The Talika Eye Therapy Patches promise to deliver moisturising and anti-ageing ingredients to the skin within 30 minutes through osmosis. If I’d paid a bit more attention in my GCSE science classes, I’d be able to tell you what osmosis is from the top of my head but I think it’s something to do with something getting from one surface to another. Moving on from my lack of science knowledge, the patches were developed for use post eye surgery so that’s definitely got a thumbs up from me.

To use them, I just simply peeled the patch from its protective film, carefully placed them under the eye, slipped on a sleeping mask and dozed off to let the patches work their magic. You’re supposed to leave the patches on for at least 30 minutes but we’ll just say 3 hours! When I woke up during the landing, I peeled the patches off and the skin around my eyes literally felt so hydrated, smooth and I looked very much awake too. The patches are reusable and I was going to use them again on my second flight but from what I can recollect (I was very sleepy), I stuffed them into a little plastic bag and I have no clue where I’ve put them since!