Sasatinnie Detoxifying Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Mask

Sasatinnie Detoxifying Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Mask


The name may be a mouthful but each and every word in that name is just the truth! I’ve been getting into eye masks quite a bit lately so when my friend Sam gave me a huge pack of face masks from Asia, I went absolutely bananas at the thought of trying out all the latest beauty products.

What you get are 3 pairs of the mask sitting in an elixir of pomegranate, citrus fruit and cucumber extracts which is supposed to y‘reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness effectivel’ and give ‘intensive hydration to your delicate eye area which helps to smooth, detoxify and restore firmness and elasticity’.

If you catch me on the Instagram slide on the right, you’ll see that I’ve got the mask on and although I look a little silly, the mask is performing what could be called a miracle! After leaving it on for almost an hour (should be 10 minutes but I got a little distracted, but the longer the better I’m assuming?!), I removed the mask to find that my face instantly looked more awake and brighter. My sleep pattern has become quite a bit of a joke lately and it shows on my face, but I rushed off to my sister to ask whether she’d noticed a difference and she said that my the skin around the eyes wasn’t puffy any longer.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m going to be stocking up a on this a lot especially because the masks are as cheap as chips on which is home to all things Asian beauty. It’s perfect for getting ready before a special occasion for getting your eye make-up perfect or for exam season where sleep is a distant memory and your eyes just spell out p-u-f-f-y!