What Happened to the Weekly Salon Visit?

While I was watching a video on a 1930’s beauty salon (check out that scary looking hair curler!), I couldn’t help but think about how us women just don’t go to the salon as often as our grandmothers and mothers did. I really cannot remember the last time I visited a salon, but my most recent memory was sitting under a hair steamer with a deep treatment in my hair at a Cairo salon.

Our grandmothers would go to the salon, sit with rollers in their hair and catch up with the girls whereas now with the modern lifestyle we women can barely find the time to spend a couple of hours getting pampered so we settle for quick solutions at home. Nowadays the average salon client visits six times per year which is crazy!

How often do you ladies visit the salon?

4 Responses to What Happened to the Weekly Salon Visit?

  1. I used to visit them weekly when I was younger but alas, as I’ve gotten older, I just don’t have the time. Hitting up the salon once a week around 3 PM was just a solid time to get everything done but now, I get out at 5-6 PM. Now there’s a long line along with a bunch of chores waiting at home. The weekends most salons seem packed so nowadays I don’t even bother. I go in maybe once or twice a year now.

  2. Yup, women back in the day were definitely much more high maintenance. I try to visit the salon/spa when I can – which is rarely – about a few times out of the year. I make up for it by making sure I am taking care of myself at home- doing my own hair treatments and nails.

  3. yes, i used to visit the salon much more frequently when i had a chemical relaxer. however, when i went off to school and decided to do away with that process, i no longer felt the need for beauty salon visits. as long as we make time for ourselves, whether in a salon or at home, then we should be okay.

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