Amp Up Your Tinted Moisturiser With Primer For Flawless Skin

I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis but I always need minimal coverage so I’ll either mix a teeny bit of foundation with moisturiser, use a concealer or slather on the tinted moisturiser. For me, a tinted moisturiser is the perfect balance between being natural and having enough make-up to feel good but sometimes there can be that missing ‘something’ so I reach for a primer. Depending on the primer you use, you can create a matte look to resemble a foundation but with much less coverage, combat acne or go for a natural look with a dewy sheen which is what I prefer.

I always prefer the dewy look over matte but my skin gets a little shiny half way through the day so my skin resembles an oil slick than someone with fresh, radiant skin (le sigh..). However, the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF30 in Seychelles together with the RMK Make Up Base gives me the dewiest, healthiest, radiant, flawless skin ever. Without using a foundation! I didn’t know it could be done but it’s definitely possible.

Also, if my skin is looking a little spotty, I’ll dab some of the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Acne And Shine Control onto areas that need calming down. Combating acne whilst looking pretty with dewy skin. Best thing ever!