Parfum Du Jour | Amber Oud by The Body Shop

As a business student, I find it very interesting to see how global brands fit in with the culture of the country they’re in. I’m always in the Middle East going from Egypt to the UAE to Saudi Arabia and when you visit any country in the Middle East, you sense the culture very quickly and these brands  have found ways to create a harmony between the culture and their brand. McDonald’s has the McArabia which is a kofta style sandwich, H&M have a collection of hijabs and The Body Shop sell fragrances with scents unique to the culture of the Middle East. In London, you find White Musk but here, there are shelves of products scented with tobacco, oud and rose. Amber Oud is one of them.

I feel that many brands tend to get the whole Oud thing wrong and their products always smell so watered down with the exception of Tom Ford and The Body ShopThe Body Shop are spot on with their unisex eau de parfum with hints of sandalwood, oud and rose. However, it’s an acquired taste for those who aren’t very used to such deep notes as one whiff could either leave you wanting more or leave you with a headache!

Amber Oud is definitely one to pick up on your travels to the Middle East.

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  1. I remember Body Shop selling this range a few years ago around Eid time, alongside two/three other scents. Wish I had picked them up as they look (and probably smelt) so good! That body mist is definitely calling out to me! =)

    Asmaa x

  2. I really want to try this!! Do you think you can purchase it online?!

  3. Since I am from the Middle East and heard about this, that was the first thing I rushed to get a sample of and in all honesty oud has so many different fragrances and smells and the one in Amber Oud is not one that I would try again since the smell is off putting, well at least to me.

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