Nabeel Touch Me Beauty Soap

Nabeel Touch Me Beauty Soap


My favourite readily available bakhoor has to be Nabeel’s Touch Me. I have memories of my mother using it to scent her clothing and the house as a child so when I came across sitting on a shelf in a store I had to snap it up like a hot commodity!

The Nabeel Touch Me Beauty Soap is a soap ‘with moisturising milk cream with oriental flavour’ and ‘replenishes your skins lost moisure leaving it feeling soft  and smooth’.

What I love about the soap:

  1. This is a great soap for those of you who are new to oud/bakhoor as its fragrance is very light and is really just a deep rose fragrance.
  2. It lathers really well so you don’t need to use much of it.
  3. It doesn’t contain any animal fats.
  4. The soap leaves a subtle scent on the skin and it lingers for hours.
  5. It makes your bathroom smell nice too!

I’ve had many questions on this after tweeting about it but it’s very hard to find anywhere in the world, but I’m going to update you ladies on where to find this real soon. Just keep your eyes peeled!