Product of the Month | LUSH Sugar Scrub

Product of the Month | LUSH Sugar Scrub


I think it’s an established fact that I have an obsession with body scrubs and I’ve tried ones that are ridiculously expensive but oh so good that you may have to live off baked beans for a month and I’ve also made scrubs where the ingredients cost next to nothing but LUSH’s Sugar Scrub is one of the best out there ever and for just £2.75, there’s just no excuse as to why some other scrubs should cost almost 20 times that amount and still not do as good of a job!

This is a no nonsense scrub with ginger, sugar, fennel and lavender oil which is said to help drain toxins from the body and also boost circulation. Perfect for areas with cellulite.

If used right, the scrub should get you through 5-6 uses. A trick I learned from someone that works at LUSH is to run the scrub under the tap for a very brief amount of time (roughly 10 seconds) and you’ll start to see it fall apart a little. From there, just break the scrub into pieces and store in a container and take whatever you need to use.

When using it, I find it works best on dry skin as you get a much better exfoliation and you create a creamy, foamy consistency which is due to the soap agent in the scrub which’ll gently cleanse the skin whilst exfoliating. I also like using it when the skin is damp and the sugar granules work perfectly on damp skin. I hate body scrubs that are so fine to the point where it’s doing nothing for your skin but the granules to be too big where they cut your skin; it’s right in between!

After using it, my skin is always smooth and moisturised but never oily unlike a lot of scrubs. I do like scrubs that are moisturising enough that you don’t need to moisturise after getting out of the shower but, this scrub is truly moisturising if it can manage to moisturise my skin without it being covered in oil. That’s what makes it the perfect scrub pre-epilating. It prepares your skin for hair removal and I’m always getting the best results when I use this beforehand.