Smell Like Chocolate? Yes Please!

Anything with chocolate gets a yes from me and a double yes at the thought of a warm, chocolate scented body oil. I’ll pop this over the radiator whilst having a shower for it to warm up and by the time I’m done with my shower, it’ll be warm enough to slather all over my skin for a quick luxurious treat!

The Body Shop’s Chocomania Beautifying Oil is one of many multi-use oils for the skin, hair, and body on store shelves vying for our attention but the reason it stands out is:

  • The price – £9.00? Absolute bargain!
  • It’s incredibly lightweight and sinks into the skin which leaves my skin so moisturised and shimmery but without a slick of grease.
  • The scent is out of this world, chocolate scented products can smell quite synthetic but it smells exactly like a Belgian chocolate dream!
  • The oil contains Fair Trade marula oil. Marula oil is an oil packed with antioxidants and fatty acids and it also provides instant hydration.
  • You can find a tonne of uses for the oil including adding a couple of drops to your bath, on the face, hair and to lotions that aren’t very moisturising.

I just love chocolate.. I mean.. the Chocomania Beautifying Oil!