The Mixstress Workshop | Olive & Sweet Orange Body Balm

The Mixstress Workshop | Olive & Sweet Orange Body Balm

This is one of my favourite recipes ever and I’m not exaggerating at all. You’ll thank me once you try it because your skin will feel so smooth, moisturised and ultra hydrated and with autumn creeping up on us, this is perfect for keeping dry and scaly skin away. There’s olive and shea butters in there along with glycerine to moisturise the skin and the sweet orange as well as smelling lovely is supposed to uplift your mood which we’ll need during those cold nights!


1/2 cup of olive butter

1/4 cup of shea butter

1/2 cup of sweet almond oil

1 tablespoon of glycerine

5 drops of sweet orange essential oil


If the shea butter is hard, fill a pan 3/4 full with water.

Boil the water then place the bowl over the pan and place the shea butter into the bowl.

The boiled water will melt the butters and oils gradually so stir in order to quicken the process. When it’s fully melted, place the bowl elsewhere for it to cool and leave for 30 minutes or until it begins to solidify. It should still have a little oil consistency but be tacky on the finger if you quickly touch it.

Put the sweet almond oil, glycerine, sweet orange oil, olive butter into a bowl then add the melted shea butter to the bowl whilst slowly and carefully mixing with an electric whisk.

If you’re satisfied with the consistency, leave the product to cool down for about 5 hours and you’ll have your body balm!