Morning Brew For Your Body Anyone?

I’m always buying oils, clays, powders and butters and I was browsing one of the sites I purchase them from, Sheabutter Cottage when I came across coffee butter. I cannot stand the taste or sight of coffee but the idea of using it topically got me curious so I purchased it and I can tell you now that it’s definitely nothing like what I’ve used before. It’s not one of those synthetic body butters that you purchase from a store and it happens to be coffee scented; this is actual coffee!

On Sheabutter Cottage, the process of making coffee butter is explained as ‘coffee oil is obtained by cold process of coffee beans. This is then hydrogenated to produce coffee butter with a smooth feeling on the skin and an aromatic scent of freshly roasted coffee’. If you know your stuff, then you’ll know that coffee is perfect for cellulite because it increases the pace of blow flow and circulation so toxins are easily flushed out of the body which then smooths the skin resulting in less cellulite.

When I first used it, I paid attention to areas that needed it the most and I went to sleep and when I woke up, my skin was so smooth that I couldn’t believe it, and I was gobsmacked at how moisturising it was. I’m sure that if I keep up at it then I may start to see some changes in my skin. I’ll keep you ladies updated with that, so stay posted!