I've Always Dreamed of Visiting Turkey

I’ve Always Dreamed of Visiting Turkey

Turkey is number one on the list of countries I’d love to visit and I’ve come close to going to Turkey many a time, but somehow it’s just never worked out. Sad, no? Sad indeed but on a recent trip to LUSH (I take far too many of those trips, my bank account weeps when I leave LUSH) I found the wonderful invention that is the Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie which is a blend of soap, moisturising cocoa butter, almond oil, rose absolute, jasmine absolute and neroli oil which is most definitely one of the best things sitting on the shelves of LUSH!

You just scoop out however much you like, slather it all over your skin, close your eyes and take in the smell whilst picturing the streets of Istanbul, a beach in Marmaris or the nature beside the Bosphorus. When you rinse it all off, your skin instantly silky smooth, clean and smells like a Turkish rose garden. The scent just lingers on your skin for hours and your entire house too.

While I’m not as enthusiastic about Turkish Delight as this lady below is however, I do love it so much so that I won’t let anybody else use it. Not even a drop!