Collaboration with ZINAH

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Zinah and I’ve been running a fashion/lifestyle blog for over two years now. Besides the obvious that I’m a blogger, I’m also a designer and freelance writer (though I wouldn’t call myself a great writer…).

I’m always so terrible when it comes to beauty and skincare…almost hopeless and not at all womanlike! But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look after myself and read about beauty/skincare tips.

I’ve always been fond of Muslimah Beauty and the great tips Hafsa provides us with. Her blog is the one I’d turn to when I needed to know about how to deal with dry skin, or just to see what the latest make-up trends are.

I have a beauty section on my blog, but let’s be honest, it’s a total mess! I’m more of a photography person and tend to share photographs of the beauty products I’m currently using with my readers. How useless is that? Very!

So I decided to collaborate with the lovely Hafsa and share beauty product reviews with her readers. I was thrilled when she agreed to the idea and the collaboration.

So you lovely ladies will get some beauty product reviews, some London Fashion Week backstage stuff and anything related to beauty/skincare, twice a month from me, for you on Muslimah Beauty. Excited? Yes, me too! Stay tuned!

Love and Peace

  • Zinat

    Can’t wait to check out the collection :)

  • Asma from Haute Muslimah

    So excited! Both of you are awesome, and I’m so glad to see you guys collaborate!

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