The Mixstress Workshop | Breast Cancer Pink Body Scrub

I make a body scrub almost every week and this time I took it upon myself to add a bit of pink food dye that was lurking around in the food cupboard for the sake of breast cancer. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I’m sure that many of us have lost loved ones to breast cancer as well as other types of cancers; my cousin passed away from cancer a few weeks ago and I want to do as much as I can for cancer. Many of our favourite brands like CliniqueNails Inc and Pearl Drops are coming out with products where the profits go towards raising awareness and researching into breast cancer so there’s no time better to shop than now! However, not only are beauty brands getting into the charitable spirit, supermarkets are too. Visit Asda and you can find pink eggs and all sorts.

Whilst using this in the shower, I want you all to pay attention to your breasts and look out for any unusual lumps, bumps, moles and marks. Regular checks can help to save your life!

You’ll Need

4 tablespoons of white sugar

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon of pink food dye

A pinch of powdered ginger


Mix the olive oil, sugar and food dye all in one bowl.

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