Thank You Jurlique Jasmine Body Care Lotion For Taking Me Back To Egypt


There’s a popular Egyptian saying that goes that ‘once you drink from the Nile, you’ll always come back’ which is definitely the case for me, I’m always going back but twist the saying to ‘once you smell the jasmine, you’ll always come back’ and you’ve got a saying that applies a little more as I don’t drink the tap water in Egypt (if you don’t want to spend hours sitting in the bathroom.. don’t!). Moving on from how bad the tap water is, did you know that Muslimah Beauty was born in Egypt? I was sitting around bored at home after not being able to go out one day due to protests last year and the idea to create the blog was mulling around in my mind so I just went for it!

Anyway, the streets of Cairo smell like a multitude of things like sewage, bread, sweat, popcorn, shisha, pollution, exhaust fumes and jasmine. Jasmine and bread being my scents of choice (obviously), I love Egypt with all my heart and give me a perfume with notes of jasmine in it and I’m instantly taken back to memories of the summers I’ve spent in Cairo where the streets are lined with jasmine bushes. I didn’t get to visit Egypt this summer but Jurlique’s Jasmine Body Care Lotion* had me incredibly nostalgic. Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t stay away from Egypt for too long!

The lotion is apparently ‘rich in the living energy of jasmine, honey and marshmallow extracts’ which I don’t understand a word of but, I understand that it it’s supposed to ‘moisturise, firm and protect the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple’. It does all of that as well as leaving your skin with the CRAZY smell of jasmine. I’m actually in shock at just how much it smells of jasmine as it can be quite expensive but that’s quickly explained by the ingredients list. There’s no jasmine in the ingredients but that makes me even more shocked that an artificial and fragrance can manage to smell so accurately like jasmine. To some, jasmine can either smell quite fecal or it can smell well.. like jasmine. I actually remember walking somewhere with my nine year old cousin and she was complaining about she could smell poo but I just taken aback at the beautiful scent of jasmine. Very strange..

Jasmine is a very sensual scent so much so that some cultures consider the intoxicating scent a taboo for unmarried girls to wear, but there’s nothing overtly sensual and taboo about the Body Care Lotion, although it has a strong scent, it’s still enough for daytime wear. I love pairing up the scent of the lotion I’m wearing to a fragrance and lately I’ve been using Lush’s Vanillary Solid Perfume which is a wonderful vanilla fragrance with hints of jasmine and tonka bean. Let me just say that the body lotion and Vanillary are a match made in perfume paradise.

I’m aware that I’ve been waffling on about Egyptian tap water, vanilla, how jasmine can smell rather foul but long story cut short, I love Jurlique’s Jasmine Body Care Lotion with all my heart. It’s light yet moisturising, smells great and also transports me to the country where I have many a fond memory :)