The Mixstress Workshop | Honey Hand Treatment

The harsh winter weather has no mercy on our hands, so looking after them by using rich and moisturising hand creams is a must but sometimes it’s not enough and you need to up the ante with a deep moisturising treatment for your hands. My recipe for super moisturised hands never fails me thanks to the particular ingredients I choose with the first being honey which is a known humectant meaning it draws in moisture. The second thing is powdered milk which exfoliates and soothes. I’ll mix the two together with any hand cream and maybe even a little drop of an anti-ageing serum. Sounds crazy but it really works!

I won’t really bother with giving exact measurements, the amount of hand cream you use is subjective but with the powdered milk do not apply more than a tea spoon and the honey should be a very small amount like a drop. Then when you’re done massaging the lovely mixture onto your hands, cover with gloves. I use the EcoTools Sustainable Moisture Gloves which are made with rayon from bamboo, a highly sustainable plant. You can either sleep with them on or just watch some TV for an hour or so and then wash it all off. I’d just been watching a the news on the situation in Syria when I had my gloves on hence the peace sign. I really do pray that there’s peace in Syria soon as well Somalia, Lebanon, Mali, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else there’s problems!