The Mixstress Workshop | Amla & Coconut Conditioner

The Mixstress Workshop | Amla & Coconut Conditioner

I love getting together with my family and Eid is no exception, it’s a day I dedicate to my family and best friends so I invited a few of my aunts and cousins over for an Eid pampering party and we painted our nails, did each others makeup and then I showed everyone how to make their own face masks and body scrubs. We made a whole lot of stuff like a mask with almond and coconut milk, green clay and tea tree face exfoliator and a milk and soya body scrub and this wonderful concoction for your hair consisting of amla and coconut milk!

I mixed this incredibly nourishing and moisturising hair mask up for my aunt who left it in her hair overnight, and when she washed it out her hair was very shiny and bouncy so I had to share it with you!


1/2 cup of any hair conditioner

2 tablespoons of amla oil

2 tablespoons of coconut milk


Mix the conditioner and amla in a bowl.

Add the coconut milk and mix very well so that it becomes a whipped conditioner that’s fairly thick.